I want to get paid
for my advice.

Learn how to have a great first meeting with every client.

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A one-day workshop

Here's what we cover in the first module:

  • Purpose for the first meeting
  • The four questions that you need to answer
  • How to ask great questions and listen
  • Creating a compelling pitch for your business
  • Communicating your proposition
  • Setting your fee structure
  • Creating a service level agreement
  • Setting up the next meeting

The Benefits

  • Creating the right impression is key to setting and managing expectations for the correct client experience.
  • Understanding your client’s real issues and connecting them to your service is crucial in getting clients to say yes to paying for it.
  • You will be able to clearly articulate what your business does, how you do it, and the value it delivers to your clients.

Find out what you need to stop doing in your first meeting

Learn the four key questions that your client will need answers to

Know how to pitch your fees and set better expectations

Receive a contractual agreement that you can use in your next meeting

Make your clients WANT another meeting and be willing to pay you for that meeting


Module 1 - Explore | cost is R5,500 excluding VAT.
If you're in a different location, please still send us a form and let us know where you are.

29 April, 2019 (Monday) 2 May, 2019 (Wednesday)
27 May, 2019 (Monday) 29 May, 2019 (Wednesday)
24 June, 2019 (Monday) 26 June, 2019 (Wednesday)
22 July, 2019 (Monday) 24 July, 2019 (Wednesday)
19 August, 2019 (Monday) 21 August, 2019 (Wednesday)
16 September, 2019 (Monday) 18 September, 2019 (Wednesday)
21 October, 2019 (Monday) 23 October, 2019 (Wednesday)
18 November, 2019 (Monday) 20 November, 2019 (Wednesday)

Once we've received your form we will contact you directly to confirm which event you would like to attend.

Just great financial planning. How to do it, how to get paid for it, and how to build a sustainable business around it.

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