Financial advisers have never been trained to be financial planners or to run businesses. We've been trained and incentivised by the industry to sell its products. But that’s not what our clients want. They are demanding a better advice experience, and at the same time, global regulation is forcing greater transparency upon the financial services industry, shifting remuneration models from sales commissions to advisory fees.

We need to change the conversation. We need to deliver a Stage 4 experience.



The Stage 4 Accelerator is a 5-module mentorship program, delivered over 5 months in a live, group-based, coaching environment. The aim of the program is to train forward-thinking financial advisers how to create and deliver a lifestyle financial planning service that their clients willingly pay for.

There are a group of financial planners in the world that are the most trusted and well rewarded, emotionally and financially. It doesn't take super slick sales skills or luck, and it doesn't require them to sell their souls. It just takes focus on the five things that really matter.


Stage 4 planners understand how to build trust quickly in the first meeting, engaging in conversations that ask the right questions and enable them to position their value. If you can't articulate your value in the first meeting, it's game over.



Stage 4 planners know how to use technology to create lifetime cash flow forecasts that tell the stories of their clients lives, and help them solve real problems. Without the right planning tools, you can't have these conversations.



Stage 4 planners understand that deeper client engagement comes from collaborating with clients, and co-creating their desired lifestyle. If you can't secure client engagement, your conversations won't build the relationships you're seeking.



Stage 4 planners know that great documentation is about communicating and transferring understanding about strategy, and managing client behaviour - not writing reports or simply satisfying compliance requirements.



Stage 4 planners know that in order to have a growing and sustainable business, they need a strategy to build, price and market their value proposition. Without a strategy, you can't build your team, grow or reach sustainability.


I had a great day today Brian, I got a lot of value, and some really thought provoking stuff!! I’m glad I made the decision to join! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to the rest of it!

Marc Sydow

Thanks once again for yesterday’s session. It was fantastic. The value received was immense.

Ruark Peplar


Our promise is that attendees will recoup the investment made in the program with additional client fees, and we will work with them until they’ve achieved this.

At the end of each module, we will assess each of the attendees for knowledge, and at the end of the program we will assess the lifestyle plans created by the attendees and provide a certificate demonstrating achievement of the objectives.


The group program is aimed at small IFA firms with no more than 3 advisers. Firms with 4 advisers or more will be better suited to a tailored version of the program.

The price of the program is R30,000 ex VAT, or a monthly payment option of R5,500 over 6 months.

A maximum of 16 people will be accepted at each coaching module.

Day 1: Explore – Positioning in the first meeting

Here's what we cover in the first module:

  • Purpose for the first meeting
  • The four questions that you need to answer
  • How to ask great questions and listen
  • Creating a compelling pitch for your business
  • Communicating your proposition
  • Setting your fee structure
  • Creating a service level agreement
  • Setting up the next meeting

The Benefits

  • Creating the right impression is key to setting and managing expectations for the correct client experience.
  • Understanding your client’s real issues and connecting them to your service is crucial in getting clients to say yes to paying for it.
  • You will be able to clearly articulate what your business does, how you do it, and the value it delivers to your clients.

Day 2: Simulate – Gathering and using the right data

Here's what we cover in the second module:

  • Fact finding and asking deeper questions
  • How to approach risk and behaviour profiling
  • Identifying the real problems people face
  • Getting the data into a planning tool
  • Analyzing the information holistically
  • Preparing for the discovery meeting

The Benefits

  • Understanding the client at a deeper level and gathering the right data for financial planning.
  • Learning how to use the data to create and analyse the scenarios in financial planning tool and set up the conversation for the Discover meeting

Day 3: Discover – Getting engagement and planning scenarios

Here's what we cover in the third module:

  • How to run the presentation meeting
  • Creating the experience
  • Showing the story unfolding
  • Scenario planning
  • Exploring trade-off’s including risk profiling
  • Creating and setting goals
  • Coaching and leading
  • Getting to engagement and informed commitment

The Benefits

  • Delivering a powerful experience with the client
  • Getting clients to engage with the real issues and inspiring commitment to action
  • Making the shift from selling to coaching
  • Delivering tangible value that clients recognise

Day 4: Plan – Documenting the journey and monitoring progress

Here's what we cover in the fourth module:

  • Creating the planning strategy
  • Creating an Investment Behaviour Statement
  • Putting together the planning document/report
  • Good documentation and compliance
  • Positioning future planning meetings
  • Getting paid for planning, advice and coaching
  • Moving on to implementation

The Benefits

  • Creating financial planning reports and summaries
  • Keeping clients on the path and monitoring progress
  • Getting paid for planning advice

Day 5: Build – Creating a business around the proposition

Here's what we cover in the fifth module:

  • Creating a sustainable business model
  • Developing a real value proposition
  • Developing marketing collateral
  • Creating an end to end process
  • Pricing the proposition profitably
  • Completing a one-page business plan

The Benefits

  • Formalising the client value proposition into a tangible ‘product’
  • Building a repeatable process
  • Producing a framework for a sustainable business

Just great financial planning. How to do it, how to get paid for it, and how to build a sustainable business around it.


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